Kill The Smartphone

Kill The Smartphone prose poem

Photo by Ron Bennetts

Cold fingers, glowing face
Head down, thumbs up
Red eyes, watery and strained
Our heads ache from the new emperor’s reign.

There’s buzzing pockets
A reminder that it’s always there
and the people on the other side demand our attention
Even more so than genuine human contact.

It promises friendship while taking others away
It replaces true blue with one time friends.
When you miss the one time text, they won’t speak to you again
While the obsession it brings leaves a million and one notifications
And a threat of unfollowing, unfriending, unsubscribing, and no more talking.

“Who are you texting”
“No one.”
I’m playing a game that came out with it’s sixth version.
I’m watching a video on how to make friends.
I’m reading a self help ebook on how to get over loss of friendship.

People are everywhere
They pass you by
A few mumble sorry as they bump into you
While you’re too busy looking into the glowing eye of your constant companion.

It’s your constant companion because you trust it
It never leaves you
You can always depend on it
It wakes you up
It reminds you to brush your teeth
It won’t let you miss an important email
It even sleeps with you because you need an app to help you sleep
Because the artificial light keeps you awake
On or off it’s always there.

Then you constantly check.
Did they text me?
Did they like my post?
Are they mad at me?
Did he
I really post that?
They did what?

You see what it has done?
It has enslaved you.
It shows you how to navigate the ways of the world
That you can do anything
Have everything
All the while finding the key to happiness
You know now that these promises are empty
Now that you are already the emperor’s captive
This is how it will be
Forever and always
Till death do you part.

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