What is it that gives some people power and others none?
Why is it some use power to hurt while others to help?
Why are some imbued with a will that can dominate?
Using it as a power to keep people in place.
Power can be peaceful.
Power can be a war state.
There have been those with such will and power they jolted the world.
Why do humans abuse power, use it to subjugate?
Whole societies use it to keep ” lesser born” in place.
The power to evil is easy to see, killing millions attempting
to rule the world.
The power to peace and kindness can also be abused, witness
millions being slaughtered in the name of God, religion and peace.
Power to gain riches at the detriment to others.
Look to the school yards to see some pushing others around musing
they will be different when they mature. They seldom are!
There have been some who give up earthly possessions to move the
needle toward love and understanding, but, they are few and far
between and even they can be taken down.
Most feel better when others fail, makes them feel superior somehow.
Wisdom and maturity is the key to turning things around.
Humanity has a long way to go before both will be found!
Lack of maturity and wisdom could be the great filter that takes us all down.

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