Reality short poem

For a moment
I see things turning beautiful
all seems to be
the way I wanted:
the way they were in the past.
For a moment
my tears dissipated from
my eyes
and a bright smile lights up
my face.
For a moment
I sense happiness within my dreams
and try to nourish another in me.
For a moment
I laugh and I become happy
But, then I wake up alone in reality. . .

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Dulen Gogoi

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I love writting poems. I love the way poetry amuse my life. I respect them and always trying my best to adopt those skills. . My phone: +917896631911
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Editorial Board

There may be something wrong in the way we perceive reality,@dulen-gogoi. We have relegated to reality all the ugly truth in life. It seems nothing joyful and and pleasant is real anymore. But if in adversity the poet in you is brought to the fore, go ahead, do as many poets have done, and produce remarkable writings.


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