Why Are You Here

Why Are You Here ballad

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The crunching of gravel beneath my feet
A sound I associate with a country retreat
Manicured gardens tended with care
The scent of rose blossoms filling the air
A quiet calm away from the throng
The silence disturbed with birds in song
A gentle breeze persuades one tree
To sway in dance, and beckon me
A sapling so young all silver in dress
Royal in my thoughts, a shiny Princess
And there at her feet beneath her frock
Sits a weathered, imperial, grit stone rock
Upon it a plaque bearing your name
Words of comfort encased in a frame
Enveloped by sadness, I look to the skies
Vivid memories and emotions, tears pool in my eyes
Angered, confused, enduring disbelief
Here in my surroundings, overcome with my grief
“Why me” there I’ve said it, a pitiful cry
“Punish me another way but don’t let her die”
Reality descends, sights and sounds reappear
I continue to question
Why are you here.

Poet’s Note: Since my partners sudden death in October 2015, I have been on a mission to honour her with a living memorial together with a plaque. The difficulty in achieving what one would think as being so simple a task, has been obstructed by bureaucratic red tape all of the way. I eventually achieved my aim and this poem relates to my feelings and emotions of one of my visits to that special tree.

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Aashish Barnwal

Awesome! I can’t imagine a better compilation of one’s feeling. May your friend rest in peace.


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