Sorrow short poem

Uploaded by arnas lucinskas

Again the Sorrow
Coming like a crawling thief.
By stealing joy and all what was the dearest
It leaves me in the hollowness of grey

No sun, no stars and neither blue, blue sky
I don’t see anything, and I can’t hear a thing

So how I will solace myself?

I could lay hold and scrawl to world on offer,
But is it real will it comfort?
It’s temporary,it’s illusion and deny.
So how to find the peace of mind?
How die to sorrow and infliction,
How die to joy and salty tears?

Why do you not dim?
Why are you so tenacious?
My dearest soul the greatest mash of feelings.

Just rise as phoenix to the sky
where all the feelings gonna blind.
Become a star
So bright and white
Which doesn’t care on any faith

And so with conscious good
And spirit flawless, pure
By leaving misery and troubles
I’m gonna find my faithful home.

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