Musings At Midnight

Musings At Midnight short poem

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Glistening and glimmering, the stars do shine
Scattering forth their beams divine
Their light, not bright, yet a mystical sight
Blessing the earth on this cool breezy night
A prelude to a bright new day

Slowly and silently comes a sailing cloud
Stealing the starlight in its silvery shroud
Their twinkling lights play hide and seek
Atop the dark sky mountain peak
With nary a word to say

As I sit underneath the jewel studded roof
Away from the world, yet not aloof
Enthralled by Rafi Saab’s classical tune
To the passage of time it had stayed immune
With a timeless message to convey

The gentle breeze caresses my face
It’s tender touch as smooth as lace
Evoking memories of a grayish tint
With hints of jasmine, basil and mint
It holds me in its sway

As the sandman beckons me to his keep
Pulling me into a slumber deep
Renouncing the cricket’s soulful lyre
Away to my bed I must now retire
Into the realm of dreams to stray

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