Realization short poem

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When I saw some kids, playing in the street,
With a wish to join them, in that summer heat,
Soon, a ray of realization came,
That my innocence was no more the same.

When I wanted to join, the youth brigade,
With a strong desire, that some difference be made,
Soon, a realization hit my head
That today’s youth had been misled.

When I went to the experienced and old,
Thinking their wisdom would be a mine of gold,
Soon, I discovered something really strange,
That they were totally against change.

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Shahid Khan

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Shahid Khan works at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) and loves writing, especially poetry. He likes to express himself through various poetic forms. So far he has written poems in poetic forms like English Ghazal, Haiku, Tanka, Rondel (French Form), Triolet, Acrostic and Etheree beside other popular forms. His poems have appeared in many national and international publications. He contributes regularly with his poems and articles for an online magazine “Reflection W&R Mag”.
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Kenneth Miller

that was painful realization I’ve heard other very smart people describe the same thing thank you for sharing…. if there are other related realizations/I should read your other poems/thanks

Adedayo Erivic

what a prodigy you are, your poem is so fascinating and thought evoking


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