General Assembly Type Sacred Space

General Assembly Type Sacred Space long poem

Uploaded by Kenneth Miller

Been working for 31 years and never been to a union meeting to vote on anything other than up on a contract or for a strike
the strike is remembered with shame and confusion, no one even asks
no one is every going to ask you to vote… they want you to be a good employee, proficient and present only at the point of sale
you are either a widget or scrap… feeling lucky to be a widget

we only expect services from the delegate
we don’t recognize courageous statespersons when they stand before us
we are so willing to forget, oh it is easier, you fit in when you forget

and yet sometimes on a very good day when we are each lucky
after we have shared something and a common aspiration becomes palpable
let me say something about sacred spaces
the ones where we give one another standing to vote

so woefully unprepared and impatient… we’ve probably never been here before
even if we have, adjournments unsettled and incomplete burn because we have revealed behaviors, tendencies, needs that will occur again and again
holy crap, everyone has those, everyone is actually filled with mixture of things and we are here for some base reasons
and there are other things, more definitive, that are much more nefarious than our individual baseness

upon a common experience and some demands
we make some time and merge into a general assembly
recognizing one another’s standing to vote and make motions

we can compel information from one another
and put questions on the record
allocate resources and sign in
these are joyous things

every assertion is accepted or rejected in big space
we are making laws

don’t you want to shout something out
this is the moment for the ancestors STEVE BIKO. Bayard Rustin. Bayard Rustin. Daisy Lampkin!
someone who died yesterday
someone whose memory is failing
someone in prison. Marius Mason. Carswell TX Federal Medical Center
Mumia Abu Jamal. a family member.
we all have a list. share it now.

you need some things to be affirmed
I DO, at least that is why I am here
about who we are and what the hell is going on in the world
something needs to happen so that the space becomes empowered
like I told that guy yesterday, “there’s not going to be any revolution without jazz music”

what is the compelling reason to vote
what can we grant to one another with a decision here now
is there something we all need or a gift to bestow
with what is our assembly concurrent
we are in this diaspora with all of these other people

and there is massive osmosis in the general assembly
trains are arriving and pulling away
people touch a general assembly, they cannot stay
what is on the train

when every train pulls in, we have to be convening

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