Encouragement For Fresh Legislators

Encouragement For Fresh Legislators long poem

Uploaded by Kenneth Miller

I do like to listening to voters
and then breathing legislator’s air
listening to the staff array and consultants demonstrate due diligence for you
carry the deptt. we have incurred at the man’s behest… lifting up our degradedness with pretend stewardship

test talking points on my face
the little snippets being refined

When I look a little desperate, then sometimes they try to help
in an elevator, they have to give you something
by showing you their landscape and explaining the rules
ascribing value to nothingness – directing us all into nothingness

It’s embarrassing for both of us, especially you
that this is the way it works
Watch the golden parachutes carefully
somebody paid for that, you get extra for doing the same thing forever
someone, like me maybe, will remember that this was not all okay
follow those parachutes to the ground and don’t let them escape
be careful of the people changing hats all the time
we don’t have to empathize with how difficult that is

The devastation is not water under the bridge or spilled milk
we are not ships passing in the night
you are not going to get any respect for keeping things way they are
you were the opposite of a change agent

It is the Orientation you get when you rise to power, reading the furrow of your lawyers brow, the transitions are apparent to anyone who looks
any old assertion about the internet or race or young people or job loss will do
take a bath in the trauma, tread water, use the hatchet, blame it on the people’s perception, sink deeper
demonstrate your willingness to be part of the team and sit at the table
and carve up the jurisdiction

hack us to pieces and then call us together under the flag
give us something frivolous to worship, like a Bobble Head doll
maybe you love children more than I do or just I cannot comprehend your faith
go ahead, explain it, the people left in the room with you will believe anything

thanks for trying to help
once you say it your orientation is revealed
that’s what they guy before you said

and it is good for me to own that

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