Winter Trees

Winter Trees long poem

Photo by brianc

I love to see the winter trees
Their twisted boughs and bony knees
Contorted knuckles, warted bark
The lichens staining limbs so stark
If they could speak, a tale they’d tell
Of suffering through winter’s hell

I love the springtime’s bursting bowers
The tents of green and palest flowers
Cascading from proud straining limbs
While sheltering from Zephyr’s whims
If they could sing, a lullaby
Would soothe the lambs as they pass by

I love the summer’s burgeoned boughs
Providing shade for we who drowse
In languid state, nowhere to be
Save prone, in Nature’s reverie
If they could hum, a madrigal
Would hold the sleepers in their thrall

I love the autumn’s wild cascades
The fiery golds and marmalades
That crunch beneath our tramping toes
The scent of wood fires in our nose
If they could whistle, poignantly
They’d warn of winter’s coming spree

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I can't remember when I didn't write poems but as I've got older, I find they spill into my head, often at inconvenient times of the morning! I use to write them on my way to work, hence the title of my blog, but now I've given up to go trekking around in a campervan with my husband. Plenty of time to reflect on the world, though I don't claim to understand it any better....
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