Upward Falling

Upward Falling ballad

Photo by NJ..

Everyone’s moving in a state of grey
content to blend in and fade away.
In the wastelands full of beauty you reach out your hand,
come fly with me to the distant lands.
Oh alien inhabiting my tired soul, let go, let go,
put you toe in the sand, feel your feet uopn my skin and dance upon my chest,
beat your drum over the skies and fill the muted air with my lungs.
Lay waste to your cares and death to your fears.
shout loud you who are weary and enter my rest,
gold for your stamps and ticks for your tests.
the tears of no more will fall to the earth,
cloud your vision and see through my eyes.
Barren are the hearts that never know love,
the song of sorrow will guide you home and suffering will scatter your path,
don’t follow the straight road for it may leave you blind,
look with one eye open to the left, I’ll be waiting to look through the right; the one that shelters you from your hidden lie.
don’t venture upon the stolen thorns lest one falls and pricks your sole.
listen in the night with quiet ears and let the noise fall upon your lips,
let wisdom roll off your tounge and grace speak with your mouth.
words of deep will cut them clean, anew with a crown to adorn their heads,
covered from head to toe with heavens dew.
white is the wall that glanced your shadow and pure is the one that reflects your image.
Holy, Holy, Holy the angels will sing…..

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Darren Scanlon

What a simply stunning piece, Nicole. Wonderfully penned and full of emotion. Nicely done!


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