Where Are You Now

Where Are You Now prose poem

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Another year has come and gone are
Are you still singing that same old song.
Stumbling through life wondering why,
maybe it’s time to stop living a lie.

Crying, life is unfair it will never
Change, try letting Lord Jesus take
The reins. While you are walking
Through life living the way of the
World, which do have some stuff

That will put a smile on your face
And make your hair curl, has your
Vision blurred, your speech slurred
But when you are tired of the
Darkness look to the word.

That’s if you are tired of walking
Around with your head to the
Ground, at every turn life is giving
You a good beat down. Now you are going through life acting like a jerk

That’s because you are going berserk
It’s time to collect your thoughts and
Go to work, I mean strive to make that Heavenly connection
then you will be guided in the right direction.

Our Father in Heaven know what’s best for us,
in Him you can put all your
Trust. So if The Good Lord you walk
Toward you will receive your just

First, here’s one Earth and at the end
You will ascend, where you will receive
A lovely gown, on your head a
Beautiful crown. No more of people
Trying to treat you like anyhow.


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Milton Robertson

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I once was walking in the dark , I thought I was living the life. Thank goodness for Rehab. They started to set thing right, It was there I found The Lord and and saw the Light. Now these poems I started to see and hear. When they come in sight I write. Thank You LORD. Now all the other, the past is, how they put it. Just water under the bridge. GONE. Never to return. Now I am Just a laid back kind of guy, Who's about to spread his wings and fly away to a brighter day.
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