Farewell prose poem

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February, had just bid farewell to its 29th day,
Knowing that it won’t see it for next four years
And that’s why I guess the night seemed a bit longer
And silent, and calm, and the wind chose to lazily stroll around the corner.
The clock struck 12 ‘o clock midnight,
March seemed to be too much in a hurry and thus
Entered with a gush of wind, thunder and lightening
And dancing spells of rain that had come
To tease the autumn which was waiting to leave
And agitate the summer that was waiting to come by
I was waiting to leave too; for all that I had lived
And waiting, for all that I will live.
The tide of emotions inside me had not let me sleep
And it was the same with those two pigeons (whom usually I shooed away during mornings) I guess
Who were at the corner of my balcony and chose not to sleep
I had the anxiety of starting a new life
But what about them, I wondered
I too was like that night, that space
Between the 29th day of February and first hour of March
Which did not know whether to be happy about yesterday
Or be exited and hopeful about tomorrow
The sky changed colors,
From black to gray to flaming orange
A ray of sun planned to rest on my balcony for a while
I got up from the cushion of my thoughts,
Walked towards the balcony to shoo away the pigeons (I was worried they would build a nest and then untidy that part)
Today they decided not to pay heed to my request
They looked into my eyes confidently and fearlessly
That irked me; I tried poking them with a stick.
They fluttered and flew but didn’t go far away
There at that place was an egg, a single small egg (their future and hope and courage)
The ray of sun caressed it for a while and left
I choose to let it flourish, let the pigeons come back and sit there
This morning of March was cool and warm and humid
And my thoughts settled (instilling courage and hope for future)
I start heading towards all that I will live for …

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