Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus long poem

Uploaded by Maxwell Shaw

I have grown

I have fell

I have awoken in what seems to be my vision of hell

I ask myself why

Why can’t I just reach the truth that

We as humanity have been urging to obtain for centuries

Why is it that the mere things stand in my way

The distractions

The horror

The screams

The tears and agony of the earth crying out for a plead

The power has changed into tyrants of fouls

When I desired to be a king amongst the heavens

I seek to plant the seed of happiness into the mind

Of those that are tainted

Because it is them who I send the most love to

It is them who I grant the most prayer to because they are of flesh

Just as I but sadly we do not hold the

Same spirit

Nor do we share the equal soul

Behold this is the reach I take not only to increase

But to center the world around me

Rather then take the world for my own

Doing it is ourselves who we are fooling

Understand who you are

Break free from the chains

And become the flame

That isn’t to blame

Realize that

Our thoughts speak for the soul

Our emotions talk for the heart

And our actions speak for our aura

We are human not

Monsters or beast of any sort

We are love and love is in us

But it the hope we must trust I understand

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Instagram : MaliciousMelodyTwitter : MarcoElDodato1I am a student athlete at MSU : Mankato majoring in psych and will be minoring in Art Other then that I go through the Son Of Man to get too the Almighty Father
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Madan mohan Swami

Material world and spiritual world are beautifully integrated for living in this world as a human being..


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