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I smiled today

I smiled today, when I saw the cobweb above the door
I once pointed to one there after you had cleaned and dusted
You told me you didn’t have your glasses on that “look up”.

I saw you today

I saw you today, whilst I was shopping in Tesco
You were always wandering off, leaving me frustrated and searching for you
You were there for a second, at the top of the aisle, reading the food labels.

I pressed your number in my mobile phone today
I pressed your number in my mobile phone today to speak with you about nothing in particular
I wanted an excuse to hear your voice
Your telephone was disconnected.

A letter came for you today

A letter came for you today, it fell through the door amongst the other post
Your name, and your name alone was on the envelope
I put it to one side for you – and then I opened it.

I smelled your scent today

I smelled your scent today as I was straightening your photograph on my shelf
I had placed a bottle of your perfume behind your picture
I sprayed the mist onto my shirt.

I saw your car today
I saw your car today, it passed me as I was walking
There was someone else at the wheel and the number plate was different
I knew it was your car today.

I thought of you today

Like I do every day.

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Vibha Lohani

Loss needs an outlet. Your words breathe her memories. I lost my father suddenly during a train journey and I still re-live the moment everyday. But now after twelve years, I know he is alive in my words. Keep the Faith!


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