Closer To God, Further From Heaven

Closer To God, Further From Heaven long poem

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Closer to God, further from Heaven;
I have faith in you to ruin everything.
Heaven can’t exist if our life is like this;
I have no faith in you, because I live in this abyss.

If you want to make God laugh, then tell H.I.M. your plans;
I condemned him because he made me this man.
My nirvana is out of reach;
I need to feel something, anything.

I’m looking for a reason,
To believe in another Jesus, or a demon;
Or anyone who will lead me to a better future;
To change this life of this life-long loser.

Bullet hole, where is my soul?
Sold to the Goatman, for silver and gold.
Dead and gone, never coming back.
Heart attack, bodies stacked,
On top of each other; sisters and brothers.
Families gone but not forgotten;
Crumble to ash and fade away rotten.

They came back in the olden days;
On a wave of flames I find my fame.
The day of my birth was the day I died inside;
Standing at the gates of Heaven, I have no pride.

Dying for your love, or just acceptance,
Let me into Heaven, I have paid my penance.
Closer to God, further from the truth;
The truth is I don’t understand how you claim to soothe;
When all you do is kill and kill.
Still we fail to believe. We are falling still.

I reach out to Heaven and ask for a hand,
But I am condemned, because I am a man;
Who failed to believe in anything.
How can I believe when I have to live this?

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Sona Wilae

Your rhyming form is spot on, and the personification is nicely penned. Great metaphors as well. NICE poetic devices.


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