Mysterious Glitter In Your Eyes !

Captivating eyes, yes eyes, those eyes,
I gazed at èm, heard sound of drum,
The day I was right in the front, was that just a hunt?
First look, deep inside them, left me numb,
Wonder why those mesmerising eyes are always pensive?
It made me a jerk so impulsive,
I tried, I tried to perceive, but I dwindled and aimed to go slow, not to deceive,
Was there something you wanted to say?
And was never out on tray,
A good long session of staring,
Is going to be fatally enigmatic and worth paring,
Glitter in your eyes for sure,
Express more than any words could ever cure,
Perplexed ME, if my attempts to comprehend,
Will turn out to be true, good for blend, become all together a new trend,
Every time I park my eyes,
There is flitter, which flies,
Why do you change so often? Indecisive and then soften,

I see they have oodles of love & care,
Why should it not show up with flare?
Don’t put my mind at work I warn, then,
You, will wish to be reborn,
I may end up writing a rhyme,
Look into my eyes and tell me, where you wanna climb,
I will not judge you for who you are,
I will not judge you for what you did, when you were a kid,
I will not judge you for how you will live, how much you have to give,

It’s your life and you have choices to make, Choices to bake,
Isn’t it all about choices at stake and in the end, eat a BIG chocolate cake?

Life is all about – choices we make,
Good or bad, no one to decide or gape,
Choices are yours and should stay so,
Wild or mild, should just flow,

YOU should define Y O U,
Who YOU are, what YOU want, what YOU would like to be,
Remember it’s YOUR journey, obviously YOUR tourney,
Match well played, is the bang on trade,
But…. Alas!!!!!! Those Mysterious eyes…
I still see that mysterious glitter in those sweet eyes….sweet eyes…

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