February 2016

February 2016 prose poem

Uploaded by Vinaya Joseph

All by myself,
Surrounded only by my thoughts,
In my home,
With no modern gadgets of communication,
No WhatsApp,
No Facebook,
No mobile,
No ‘virtual’ friends,
Away from all,
In the real world,
With my animals and plants,
With my mother,
I sat down,
To weave my thoughts,
Into verses…

Words, words and more words,
Are these verses?
I truly don’t know,
I let my mind,
Let go,
I didn’t bother,
If it was grammatical or not,
I simply let my thoughts flow,
Without any hindrance…

I wondered,
Have I ever written?
An ode to February…

Then again,
My heart was heavy,
As I lost a friend,
Don’t ask me why?
How we take our dear ones for granted,
And it hurts, when they go far
How fragile relations are…
It just takes a few seconds,
To break a bond,
I realized,
How weak the foundation
Of our relation was…

Shattered love
Just like the rays,
On a broken window pane,
How vulnerable,
I have become to emotions…
I thought,
Love liberates,
But it made me,
Dependant on him…

Back again to my self,
I wondered,
People come and go,
What was constant in my life,
Were my parents,
The sun, the moon
And the stars

February mornings
With sultry days,
Sun was shining,
With a vengeance,
I could feel the heat,
On some days,
Clouds burst in unannounced,
In the evenings
Wet the earth,
Its dark nights,
Moon was shimmering,
Caught a glimpse of her silver hem,
In the pitch black sky
Accompanied by little stars…

The month of love
Tugged irresistibly on my heart strings…

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God's child. My parents are my inspiration. Nature has been my teacher. A self-learner who loves being in the wild, and enjoys the company of children and animals..Since I am blessed with a beautiful life, I love to share my happiness with others. Oscillate between extremes of being an introvert and extrovert. Solitude beckons. Silence is my strength. It calms me down but there are times when it drives me crazy...Passionate about teaching science and performing on stage (only English plays). Though I never pursued it. Love being on the radio...Child at heart...Materialistic pleasures don't intrigue me...
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