Thoughts Of A Building

You think I am dead however I am alive.
I grew like livings, from a kid to fully revive.
I was also born, as a piece of land.
Now look at me, how big I stand.

My father is an engineer and mom is earth
My food was bricks, cement, wood and dirt
Laborers were my relatives and shovels were toys
My friends were glasses and we made a lot of noise

Now I stand and see you all
Near the sky, standing tall
You enter me and work all day
You are white, black and grey

I do not know what’s wrong with you
Why you fight for what you do
It never mattered for me, of which color you are
You all have always been my brightest stars

Why so much chaos and why argue
Battle for nothing and turn each other blue
You fight for color, you fight for land
You fight for money, you fight to expand

Do you see me fighting my neighbor
Do I betray for a piece of labor
When I see differences among you
I cry to look for a reason or clue

It shatters my bricks to see
And no one is able to hear my plea
My father never gave me a tongue to speak
Else, I would have said you are the real freak

Everyone, listen to my words that are right
I takes the damage when you nations fight
I gave shelters to homeless
when they have no one to bless

Here I stand and my neighbor fell
Somebody blew him up just to tell
Which nation is better, which is not
And he died making an empty slot

Why don’t you evaluate on basis of humanity
loving each other leaving this insanity
We too have a right to live and discuss
If you think you life is a waste just think about us

Care for us and leave this fight
else where will you sleep at night
I love you all as my brother
We are born of same mother

Let us make our mother a reason to smile
Let us live happily and gently
We have lived for us too long
Let us live for her for just a day long

No peace is better than a child’s love
For her mom as a beautiful dove.

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