Black History Month (2016)

Black History Month (2016) prose poem

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The study of history is one of the greatest resources for models and lessons of life.
History records a runaway slave who went on to finished college in Ohio.
He relocated to Mississippi and became a wealthy planter.
He later became a U. S. Senator from Mississippi.
Finally, he became Register of the U.S. Treasury.

I once toiled in delta fields of cotton, always knowing that such toil would not always be my lot
The cotton sacks were large, and after we filled and dragged them to the scales, I wanted to drop
The cotton roes were long, the grass and weeds were sometime tall, and even the dust was hot
In the ovens of the sun, from sun rise to setting sun, I wanted to, but knew I could not stop
I often wanted to rebel and call it quits before quitting time; but I thought it best that I not

The work was hard with so little to be gained, and I was God forbidden childhood labor
I never ceased to believe that, ‘this too would pass‘, and soon God would grant us favor
In the midst of poverty, there was always trust in our God, and help from a neighbor
One needed to decide early in life that he would learn to do more than drive a tractor
One had to dream and believe; always realizing his best move was “The Education Factor”

This and every Black History Month remind me of those ‘not so Good Old Days’
I am reminded to keep praying and never forget, ‘Lest we be condemned to repeat them’
Man’s inhumane treatment to one another eventually crosses every barrier, color, or culture
There’s a deep rooted hurt and wounds inside of mankind that seem to force us to inflict hurts
The noblest of laws and the highest of courts, though helpful, can never cure our deepest ails

I was inspired by Black History Month to write these few lines as my personal contribution
The longings and aspirations of any people or nation demand the primary focus be one of prayer
I have lived 66 years, and the older I get, the more I realize that only a love from our God keeps us
This prayer is just as real and relevant for not only Black America, but for all America and the world

Dear God:

May this present young generation of Black Americans never loses the knowledge of their father’s God
May they ever believe, retain, and refer to the two great documents of the Bible and the U.S. Constitution
May they determine to keep focus on their sacred teachings about God, family, church, and country
May they never submit nor succumb to a mentality of dependency upon their government
May they ever thrive to contribute their talents and challenge their country to Excellency

O God:

Let them never lose sight of the dreams and aspirations of their fore fathers
Let them never forget the price paid for their present freedom and prosperity
Let them remember that their deceased loved ones are like ‘a cloud of witnesses’
Let them always believe that, like prior generations, they too can overcome anything
And Let them, like prior generations, pick their peek and climb, ever ascending, never quitting
In The Name of Our Lord. Amen.

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I am a retired minister and the husband of Barbara for 42 years. We reside in Sacramento ,Ca. We have two sons and a daughter, and we are the proud grandparents of 6 children.
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