He”- An Important Persona

He”  An Important Persona long poem

Uploaded by Dr. Disha Khanna

He is an important persona.
He is- who is omnipresent,
and makes me feel special.
He is- who is outstandingly unique,
that nobody can ever beat.
He is- who rings the bells of my heart,
with a dart.

He is an important persona.
He is- who possesses comforting,
words to soothe me.
He is- who has the smoothness,
of the dark chocolate.
He is- whose silence is even,

He is an important persona.
He is- whose eyes are the deep down,
ocean of romance.
He is- whom a chick like me,
can count upon.
He is the love in my thought,
the best thing I have got.

He is an important persona.
He is the poetry of my tear,
explains it very clear.
He is the person of motivation.
comes in every combination.
He is who makes my nerve tingle,
when I with you mingle.

He is an important persona.
His love is a big part,
of the memories of my heart.
His love for me it serves,
comes alive as perks.
His eye I meet on the way,
tells we’ll meet one day.

He is an important persona.
He is whose breath is missing,
but I hope it is a blessing.
He is one life to live,
one love to give.
He though a life of thrift,
is my best gift.

He is an important persona.
He believes life is fun,
when we act like one.
He is- whose only welcome gift,
gives me a lift.
He gives me a pump, “If English has a future,
I need YOU as a teacher”.

He is an important persona.
My love is empty and bare,
without you around me to care.
I hope your listening ear,
will soon appear.

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A PhD in American Literature, Dr Disha Khanna- The Diva! possesses 10 years of hands on experience in the field of teaching at the university level. Dr Khanna, a philosophical, fun loving and adventurous person is the content writer of school and college books. She has to her credit the translation of Hindi novel to English "The World Beyond the Motherland". Dr Khanna is the twice recipient of "The Best Researcher's Award" at LPU in the field of Arts & Languages. Currently, Dr Khanna is working as the Associate Professor at GNA University, and even the supervisor to many research scholars.
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