A Kiwi’s Tale

A Kiwis Tale long poem

Uploaded by Daniel Sala

Emerald irises up in Parallel rarely meet
But now two pairs sprawl and bloom
Neon hugs the sides
While shades of green begin to colour the night
Before long, you’re here
Room one-one-seventeen
Covered, stretched black divinity
As calling, calm drops cascade
Hunua still falls – that’s where he last stood
Before leaving the Long White Cloud
For a bit – just now, he drifted further away
With tempting glances, the room is filled
Did you really think, something would not come of this?
So go ahead, tell him as the dress slips now and then…

In the lobby, well it’s the first time
And hunger slowly takes it in
Bursting through their scar-torn skies, the others watch,
A hundred times before?
But still he’s not alone – there’s no one to assume
As the glow between fills the space;
Closing down as it clears

Trailing through upturned stones – tonight is not theirs
Because from above they start to tumble
Time settles while under, there’s no reason to wonder
Alluring eyes drip down, as the sky runs open
To her, heavily wasted moments
To him, not revealed
But raw flawed beauty that reigns;
It no longer matters, so he says
After all, it’s only for peace of mind…

For no one, she says
Proven hell,
And in the corner,
In that space, it changed
Your smile gave you away to the claim
So, you taste and share
Because over there, where they sit,
The others look towards the couple
“With their youth…”, And they know some would say,
“They’re cruel.”, Or,
“Things just often don’t end well.”,
So the cynics sing
And here the wise keep to themselves:
No matter what, there is beauty in it,
And still they devour

In little Apolo the Dead Parties breathe
They jangle and shoegaze as he lags,
His head is just pulled,
Twelve hours back
Submerged, his mind starts to swim
He’s trying to come up
But no, it’s not like anyone slipped him heaven,
Though its as if, he almost feels it
Because an hour through the skies,
Plus eleven, with more time spent,
In crushing complexes,
Well, guess what? On another beast,
Eleven more, that’s right – just for him,
Oh and two more, won’t kill,
Add in broken strange cold nights
Still, though he’s not himself,
He’s forever grateful, for the few hours recovered

Back to it, in the mental haze,
Across from them,
Faded leather and tangled hair,
The darkest shade displayed is theirs
Just the two, entwined –
With their primal colours showing,
It’s beautiful, old and has been seen a thousand times
He drinks it in, admires and trails off
And by her, he’d be surprised if it went unnoticed,
Silence, they stop and when the music’s over…
Now, brought back by the warmth
Slightly pressed against his side,
Its been a long time,
Since he’s had someone he actually desired, right by…

In ebony The Drones take their place,
Sala reverberates that not so far from home voice
Drawn to the front,
You came to see the show, no?
Thundering layers shake the floor
While unfamiliar noise ascends
Chimeric smoke floats
As they soak the soundscapes in
Right to the side,
Well, there’s someone who can’t help steal glances
Her turned back, his mulleted hair,
Beautiful noise and the triumphant roars,
“Merci, merci.”, He says,
Just to take the piss in Spain?
The encore looms
But it all seems too soon,
Even cut short, it comes to an end
And empties with songs unheard

Open under the starless night,
His temple swirls,
“And what now?”, Comes a voice,
Spiraling up and he’s there again
That loose sleep deprived state of mind,
Just lost, a drink, a wander, back to mine…
Rushing, mixed speech
The painkillers and beer weren’t such a good idea,
Traversing through and they arrive,
On the damp street he’s anxious,
Just leave, it’s easier…
“Hey!”, The voice he can’t get enough of says,
Refined, simple and sweet
It’s unlike his native tongue – harsh and thick
He goes back, they embrace – just the cheek
Don’t get sentimental, it always en-and they meet,
Oh, it has been a while…
Frigid self, away he walks – stops, then turns back,
Stares outside, down the road
That just…

I’m beneath the depths of a dreamless sleep,
But light pierces the curtains,
Eight – up, it’s time,
Rays shine down and its almost nine,
Some look up as others rush,
But there, there is one who knows,
His vibrant flowers in hand, who cares?
Knock knock knock
Our day begins, dropped and safe at his,
Is it just black and white?
Down by the port
It’s forever changing,
Gentle and soothing
Sigh, its gotta end,
Though please, do enjoy…
On the seat, across from the curved walkway,
The crisp water is taken in
Added in there, creamy perfection
With partly kindred you,
Adorable little phrases
Fall from your mouth,
“Chocy.”, As the sun dances and blinds me
On the water’s edge, that familiar voice appears:
Just take it for what it is
Because you know,
You rarely get what you want.

Caged in there, each day – hundreds gape,
Opposite them, the prisoners
You could argue…
And… it just never seems right;
While we wander through,
“It’s just like any other.”, You say,
Back home, it’s not like this
Sandy paths, sunken benches, palm trees, a zoo,
Golden lead figures, the ocean, all of it – right there;
Another rest under blue skies to view
And it reflects, the lake’s turquoise-kissed surface
You both laugh,
Ridiculous vapid moving images
Silly freaking egocentric monkeys,
Citadel Park, the fountains today –
Are dead to the world,
The mammoth between gardens, towers,
As you climb the white stone steps
Well you bring it up and hey,
You know he’s not complaining,
Who would?

Winding closer through freed streets,
Uptight, please don’t check the time
The words spilled, your conscious decision,
Thinking, he understands
Bubbling overhead,
In the Holy Family’s Square
The children laugh and play,
It’s their perfect day
They dance in and out of the shade,
Loosened up,
Through the frantic tourists
Lean back on the cool stone and share your scars;
Reaching out is the gap really so big?
But just maybe, he is naïve,
And sadly he remembers, just how starved he is
But the long cover the pale cute digits
And this spins a smile upon his lips

Sagrada Família rises above,
Dominating all –
Its unbelievable reach
And detailed façades paint lucid scenes,
Sanctus, Excelsis and Hosanna
Is it all really so eternal?
But the question that keeps coming to mind,
Just how many died?
On all sides, my gaze never leaves…
Descend to ride
Tripping through
Saved and caught around you,
There I am, reflected back
In disgust I turn away
Because I think, I look like freaking death
Rings stretch under, that hunted face,
And now they cut through, the city in three

In search of it,
Up Avinguda del Paral·lel
They find their place
Though, unsure, unsure, unsure…
Clouded toxic mind,
Sick of the old only lover’s
Unruly mind games
They’ve taken their toll over the years,
Too many attempts to get back in,
He’s sure you know something is up
So speech will bleed for a bit
As they wait they move on to happier times,
One-thirty and pure delicious heaven arrives

Returning now on their lively street
This is The Peak,
So don’t you think you can?
Because the haze feels almost gone
Though it still mocks a little from behind
And each step is now heavy on his heart,
He takes the key, into the lift
Halfway up and back down, to zero
Was that a Drone? Now steel cage,
Go up to our floor,
Take the other path
As the door works first try,
Into and through, now for the last time

Take them off, push it all away
Exhale and rest your weary legs
Because this day was ours,
Move over on the bed
Things wind down as to the left birds descend,
They take their place in concrete and brick
And hide while they rest from the predatory skies;
Read the news, I’m just over it
But glimpse now and then
It’s not all bad,
Calm and shut, slow it down
Lightened patterns chime
Beneath my eyes
Nothing more but bliss

Plain white above
He has crashed
Breathing through as you lay,
Face in the soft cloud
Get up, get up
The dryer blasts and goes
A smile spreads because from here,
He hears her laugh
Are you looking through?
Water runs, runs, runs
You really don’t know what that is?
You’re taking the piss dear,
A good little kick reveals the sharp razored wit
And that was for shits and giggles, right
Back to bed, cracked window
From below on the street, it drifts up
Finds it’s way, that not so subtle smell
He laughs to himself, silly ganja puffing stoners,
And you never notice or say a word,
And… it’s still running, still running
Better check and… mmmmm yes, stuck between

Purity, why’s it always white?
The brightest engulfing shade
Trivial overthinking child,
Back again, on the single with him
Full, full, full
We’ll not need to eat again,
The orchestra – Submotion,
And Lateralus crush and bring down,
The edge for him…
Lids shut and gently sun-kissed
They keep it out, on his back
It still swirls underneath
And well it does seep,
The lonely starved ones
Always bleed
And him of all, with his damages
Should be better at coping
But no, not lately
There’s much needed comfort…
Flesh and blood taken twice
Sometimes it’s as if,
It has healed
But there always seems to be something
To open it back up, no matter,
How many years pass
And no matter what you do to get by

And laying here, it’s surreal
Because for once… you see, months had passed by
Without the need or want for anyone…
But right now, next to me
The one I desire

The subtle and delicate scent fills
Flutter… flutter…
It courses through, body and air;
Windows that look back,
Into his, and here, this one,
One that doesn’t just look – by or through
As Alice says, sweetness doesn’t often touch my face
Closer, the inward collapse and longing
Head’s there, rested on her shoulder
And temple to the cheek,
Now brush the messy gorgeous hair away
Place them gently there, upon the head
Move down… his rusted lips give way,
Its been some time and still he’d like to try
Caress, he means it all,
All that he says;
His finds hers
And the pale queen’s skin
Looks so lovely against his,
Her arms are painted
While freckles hardly adorn his skin

And… shaped into him;
Affection is not a one-way street,
He has forgotten, what contentment is
Arms around and thoroughly at home
Before he left, she made a deal out of it,
He does not care, sublime curves run down
And he never notices anyway, because,
Then there are those clichés:
Just more to love and,
There is that single truthful one –
We are our harshest critics
It’s like – when he is blind,
He thinks he sees everything
Even right now – as he writes;
And yes, it’ll crash down,
But for now…
The warmth feeds into him
How was… he so cold for so long?
Stay and move between,
Read the neck, inked,
He once thought but those days are dead,
And if there are, it’s not for him to say
There’s no right to define,
And he thinks back to that conversation
One of the first, underneath the night’s sky
Well, in their room, she never saw his
Carved and curved red across the top;
He does not trace the words

Shattering, it starts again
Sustain us and please take hold
Primal beings binding,
Over me, over me, over me
Ravenous, I am higher than ever
Insatiable you,
It’s there, grind…
Chaotic messy soul kiss
Biting down, rushing,
Building steam with a grain of salt
Eyes shut and I wonder…
Stretching, running through hair
Lost in you – the howling wilderness
Thud thud thud…
And time has crept up on us;
Expelled and expired from within

Towards Las Ramblas
Thick blighted toxin
Cluttered footpaths
Suffering to them
The thousands effect
Las Ramblas…
Across to Plaça de Catalunya
We walk and this is the eclipse,
This, this is it,
One last… and he pulls and walks away
Just as quickly as it began
Because he can’t,
Goodbyes just choke him
Until there’s nothing left;
Figures from a world that has moved on,
That is always moving on,
Rushing waters, hundreds have come
Many are aimless and there…
The one hunched to the ground – begs,
Liaisons mask and mark the beggar
In black they pass and patrol;
At the lights, he looks back
She boards and doesn’t see
There where he stands
As the sun flirts with his only wish
And still, he smiles

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