The Wind Is Rising!

The Wind Is Rising! short poem

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The wind is rising!
We must try to live.
I know them now,
In fragments that disavow.
The clouds that move
As strands of massive deception.
Ships without destination!

The lantern still shines!
Light before darkness.
And to me it reminds,
The subtle glow
On your pretty face.

The nights will be lonely lost,
With darkness bound,
With despair tossed
Like waves profound.
On these nights
We must return
To the warmth of love,
The rumbling sighs,
Which reflect in your eyes.
And when it is our turn,
We must to the young folks sing.
‘The wind is rising!
You must try to live.’

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Avinash Nair

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I'm afraid, I can't explain myself!..........clueless......................
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Passionate. Poet’s deep faith in essential goodness of humanity overcomes the crisis of values in the present day world. Powerful write.


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