China Doll

China Doll ballad

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I would love to be free, free from the pain;
But nothing comes easy, so that’s what they say;
How the distance it takes me, far beyond my dreams;
Though nothing ever is as it appears to be.

Oh how I’d love to be free free to touch the sky;
Shatter the illusions that consume my soul inside;
Let the shadows disappear, wipe the tears from my eyes;
Break away the chains and the china doll disguise.

When you see me, a smile will come across my face;
My lonely, empty stare, now must be replaced;
The flawless face you see, isn’t mine at all;
Merely my illusion of your china doll.

I’m so happy when you see me, not a worry or a care;
Only if you’d really look, would you see the mirage there;
Pretty, ageless, priceless, that’s your china doll;
Never do you see as I shatter behind the wall.

I would love to be free, free from the pain;
Somehow I know, I’ll never be the same;
Still searching for my freedom, gotta break the doll;
Gotta break the walls behind the china doll;
Gotta break free, gotta know my soul;
China doll you’re smiling, but deep inside you’re cold.

My heart and soul is facing far from who I know;
Let me let it end, let me let her go;
Gotta take me back to a heart that matters;
Put me off the walls so the china doll will shatter.

Then…I can be free……

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Writing has always been my therapy. I began writing at 12 years old and never stopped. I try to write a little something each day, though somedays it is more difficult than others. I have no particular style or "formula"...I just write what I feel and go from there. When I get a touch of writer's block, I just put on some Stevie Nicks...and that gets my head back in the game. I recently published two books on Amazon and am very proud of that. Besides writing, my passions are music, reading a good book, coloring, horror movies, and good coffee.
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