Visitor From Before The Dawn Of Language

Visitor From Before The Dawn Of Language long poem

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the smile returned first
that shy hopeful grimace
couched in lips lately pinked
as if from stolen candy

there was rain that night
fine and soaking and the leaves
were glad of it
all that street dust sliding
into the soil and the gutters
leaving healthy green scale
whole branches flapped
in the following wind
no tree flew but a few
slumped and their muddy clutches
brought up relics
a hundred years buried and more
spinework from a dying moraine
or settlers tools
run to rust and shards

the smile returned to disaster
yet continued to arch
it brightened and a nose appeared
broad and low
nostrils two flared tunnels
that sniffed deeply
the sea-tinged air

buses on the arterials
schussed with tidal sound
an attempt to tear
something immune to damage
water knitting back together
unconscious and perfect

eyes then
eyes bred to view life
under the water
forced into nightmares
dry seasons on the veldt
binocular views of distant mountains
spindly acacias in the foreground
and everywhere chest-high grass
all a-lurk with predators
no peace anywhere no time to rest
constantly scanning correlating
with those clamshells called ears
driving all hope into the brain
suffering its concocted illusions
what might be made
turning attention back to the mound
flicking fat termites
out onto the ground
sucking them off of a stick

finally the whole head
that brain box made great
by declining jaw strength
that unbound thinking capacity
added precious cubic centimeters
of thought-volume

emerging into a cloudy night
spotlit by tall lamps
everything drips
every scent stained
by two centuries
of unchecked industry
one of those early homo sapiens
from before the advent of language
steps amazed into a modern city

shapes are wrong
even nature has been forced
into boxes
the only wild animals
are rodents and birds
and those tall fat people
covered in mangy fur
won’t stop screaming
making noises like a sheep
its leg caught in a rockfall
broken and bleeding to death

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a poet from Seattle Washington USA. His poetry has appeared in print in publications such as Bellowing Ark, Point Nopoint, and most recently in Contraposition magazine. When not writing poetry he is a Human Resources professional, a repentant glutton, and a novelist specializing in the weird-fiction genre.
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