Old Friends

Old Friends long poem

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You tried to drop by yesterday,
So sorry I wan’t home,
You left a note so you could say,
I don’t have to feel all alone.
I have to admit it’s probably true,
Nobody understands,
Nobody “gets” me like you do,
You were always so close at hand.
Best friends for so many years,
So many secrets shared,
You wiped away so many tears,
Always the one who cared.
Life has taken us different routes,
You turned left and I turned right,
For a long time I would always look,
Hoping I’d see you in sight.
You were always more mature than me,
Always that one step ahead,
You always took the time to see,
In my life, in my heart, in my head.
The kind of friend without a doubt,
My secrets were safe with you,
So in sync, not a day without,
A day we would talk things through.
I have to admit that up till now,
No friendship could ever compare,
I tell myself someway, somehow,
Your memory won’t always be there.
You left a number to call you back,
You told me that you were in town,
You thought that maybe we could backtrack,
Old memories left on the ground.
Part of me wanted to open the door,
To start our friendship again,
But then I knew that I’d want more,
And maybe you hadn’t changed.
I could already hear the conversation,
A little trip down memory lane,
To my troubles you’d make a donation,
To my heart you would add some pain.
So it seems you dropped by yesterday,
You said you might call again,
I’ve left a note on my door to say,
You’re not welcome, from you I abstain!

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