Smokers’ Lips And The Smoky Lip Locks!

Smokers Lips And The Smoky Lip Locks! long poem

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Heart beats say knock knock
Feeling the sentimental shocks
Listening to the bells of love clocks
Silently progressing those tic toks
Those lips and their locks
Smokers’ lips and the romantic lip locks!
Belladonnas are dancing with blazing frocks
Birds are playing in the colorful flocks
Rhythms in every heart! One passion rocks
Lovely faces shine in the talking folks
Showering the love dedicated and wild
My romantic man is still that child
In sandal fragnances,those purple lips
Feminine my delicacy tasted the masculine sips
Candle lights,wines,Roses’ bathed bed
Encountering the peaks where sensation is dead
Fainting lights and dark nights
Purple lips sipping the feminine soul
Playing joyfully neglecting the foul
“Woman in red and Man in black,
Dreadful combination”, My smoker said
I rusted my lungs with the smoking love
I feel the soul of masculine heart
Where I was weak, he dominated
Where I was breathless, he procrastinated
That lovely night was ending in wild arms
Awakening me with the shocking alarms
Tickling me with sweaty palms
That valentines night and the scarlet settings
Those wild imaginations
My smoking man and his cracked lips
From his pulsating temple, my feeling drips
Lightening the cigarette, My man smiled
Overpowering my innocence and fragility
Smelling my fragrance with right vanity
Spiritual though and not lustful
Old souls but still youthful
In the mirrors of smoking, my man said
Looking for his lighter in my purse
”Smokers’ love is a gift not a curse,
Feeling your presence, My juliet! I am glad”,
“My smoking breaths still are thirsty
My concepts worth romance and hands are dirty”
“Consider me good or bad”
A cigarette,HALF BURNED was dying under his feet
While throwing cute glances through transparent nostalgia
While wrapping his arms around my waist
Licking his lips, my smoker said,
“Feel fulfilled, not any haste!
Never ruin your life for the handsome peacocks
They are beautiful indeed with ugly feet
Trust my lips with all their ugliness
Smoking gives you a strange freshness
My heart beats knock wildly
Penetrate my smoky veins kindly
My lips, half dead and dark
Can provide amazing spark
Smoking lips with sensational lip locks
Leave me but remember
weather September, November or December
My dreadful lips have dreadful locks
Smokers’ lips owe the beautiful lip locks! “

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Fatima Masood

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I am pharmacy student ...recently studying in quaidiazam from pakistan......i believe life as the transition between the soul and the body ...try to penetrate your soul and your life would be Spiritual all over!
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Danish Khan

Ahhh that’s poetry , wonderfully penned, loved the way you expressed it…
,Special person special poem. Really Lovely to read.
I’m proud of you


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