Worst Possible Thing To Experience

Worst Possible Thing To Experience short poem

Photo by Daniel E Lee

I love you with no reasons,
I love you without bounds,
I love you with full heart,
I love you without fake care,
I love you with fulfilling relationship,
I love you without expectations,
Baby, Sweetheart I will be with you till my beat stops,
I don’t know whether I’ll be in your dreams,
But my soul will always be besides you,
Days may go,Our relationship status may change,
But none can replace you,
This second you aren’t with me,
But I can still vision our texts,
I can still hear your word’s,
I can still feel your touch,
I can still feel the moisture of your kiss,
But I cannot hardly accept your absence,
My heart isn’t heavy without you,
It’s very very heavy with you and your memories,
Always feeling your presence in your absence…

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2 Comments on "Worst Possible Thing To Experience"

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Shahid Khan

Lovely poem so full of emotions. Keep up the good work.

archana garg

Very sensitive and heartbreaking write.


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