Son And Dad

Son And Dad prose poem

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He sat outside on the staircase
His eyes gazed towards the streetway
‘Come on in son’ his mother said to him, ‘your dad will be working late tonight’
‘Well, he kissed my forehead strangely this morning’ the son replied

‘And made me promise to always lookout for you mom’
‘That’s really strange’ she said to her son
‘It’s the same thing his father said to him before he left him indefinitely and his mother’
‘How young was he when that happened mom?’ he asked
‘He was about your age then’ she answered

Suddenly, with a concerned mind, she picked up her cell to call his phone
Only to get a ‘Number Not Reachable’ response tone
‘He’ll be home soon son’ she said ‘you can go to bed now’
‘How are you so sure mom?’ He asked with a low sound
‘Because those are the last words he said to me this morning (‘will see you soon Hon’) before heading out’

Night passed, and  midnight went by with no positive turn up;
By 6am the next morning, the mother, fast asleep on the sofa heard a knock on the door;
She got up in anxiety to open the door only to see her husband standing next to a grey-haired man;
‘Honey’ he said with a cheery face, ‘may I introduce to you my dad’.

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I've been a lover of poetry since I first read 'Hamlet' by Shakespeare. I write poems and short stories out of pleasure.
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