The Falling

The Falling long poem

Uploaded by Smriti Vardhini

The sky fell on my feet,
My nail came off.
Left a few droplets of blood,
Mixed in the sand.

I stopped, I had to stop!
But my broken nail gave me a sigh,
And asked me to walk on.
The falling had chosen, not to make me stop.

The rain fell hard on me,
I drenched in my own fear,
My tears were that extra gain,
Questions – my cloud,
Answers were in vain.
I stopped, I had to stop!

But my questions gave me a sigh,
And asked me to dance in the rain.
No answers, many questions.
Few questions, silent answers,
They said, it’s all the same.
The falling has chosen, not to make me drain.

The sleep fell on me,
And I could see nothing.
Believing that I cannot be seen,
I slumbered in my vanity.
My quilt battled my thoughts,
My eyes opened wide for the sunlight.
The breeze through my hair,
Waved me a sigh.
I stopped, I had to stop!

But the winds left the hopes gushing,
My limbs prepared to walk,
The heart signaled to beat.
The fallen had chosen, to embrace a morning,
To embrace a living.

(From my book – Finding Beginnings – A Journey Through Poems II)

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