My Beautiful Four Legged Companion And Friend.

My Beautiful Four Legged Companion And Friend. long poem

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Ruby by name and as precious as the stone
With her in my life I’m never alone
My ruby isn’t a stone she is my rock
Undivided love I just can’t knock
My Ruby isn’t red although she does shine
My precious treasure that is all mine
She’s the definition of a beautiful kind
Strong and gentle intelligent mind
She makes me complete my four legged love
I truly believe sent to me from above
She saved me as I saved her
A sad existence I helped her deter
we were both lost and our outlooks were similar
Both missing something  that was familiar
She existed with no hope, unhappy, nor enjoyment, days mundane
It’s a wonder how she did ever remain sane
Her daily life  was miserable and bleak
All she did was endlessly sleep
Day by day just made to cope
And lost ignored and had abandoned all hope
She came into my life at the right time
The one vital piece was missing from my being
From being passed to and fro she needed freeing
I gave her a new lease of  life as did she for me
being mine helped my soul mend plenty
Her days are now not just to keep surviving
they are the way a dog’s should be deriving
I think we were both saved simultaneously
Happy days from turmoil she’s finally free
Routine and lots of attention, walks different everyday
I don’t think I spoil her, she deserves  it  some way
even rules are banned and certain words will not be said
Like be punished to get out and then banished to her bed
Upon awakening in the morning every single day
I’m greeted  by happiness and  puppy like play
Yes you can come up on my bed and the couch
She will take up all the space on me she will slouch!!
And after food is finished she has to lick the plates!!
Brought to me by a kind twist of fate
Only on a few occasions she has misbehaved
Mess everywhere with toys from games that she’s played
Dreams when she’s asleep terrorises flocks of sheep,
Destroys new toys in seconds especially ones that  squeak
All of which I wouldn’t change, it’s part of who she is
She does know how to give her paw and  on command a kiss
She has a look that seems as if she’s looking into your soul
I dread to see the day she will eventually get old
She snores extremely loud and barks at every sound
Eats any scrap of food to ever hit the ground
Cocks her leg when she wees
Picks on every dogs she sees
Ignores what I have told her: doesn’t come back when she’s been called
On occasion fighting some dogs she could have easily been mauled
But rarely she is naughty thankfully she’s good as gold
When she was made she they definitely broke the proverbial mould
She’s secure and safe in the knowing
Always a walk she’ll be set to going
She can speak so much just with one look
She is the best thing for myself I’ve ever took.
She is so precious I do love her so
It will be my heart that breaks when it’s her time to go
The only solitary being I love in this life
Any loneliness she felt  has now been put right
Companions for life we are now
To live life without her I wouldn’t know how.

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I like writing poetry poems that rhyme Its an enjoyable way I spend my time I like doing DIY, art and craft Drinks with friends and having a laugh I love camping festivals holidays abroad Music gigs of those I adore I enjoy walking my dog everyday Don’t listen to what people say Hate being told how to behave and what to do Can empathise with what others go through Rebel against keeping fit and hate sport A true life learner all self taught I am spiritual not religious anymore Religion causes such an up roar Have belief in the afterlife and aliens too I like learning things of interest to do im considerably happy more often than not Always remember what ive previously forgot Take pride in my work strive to be the best I can be What you see is what you get just me being me.
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JG Collins.

“Have belief in the afterlife and aliens too “‘😀👽 i like this and your poem too😎


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