Too Brave To Say Goodbye To Old

Too Brave To Say Goodbye To Old long poem

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It’s now time life will reward me with a new hello
I am only just starting anew and have far to go
Today is the day, Now is the time
To take back the life that is rightfully mine
Don’t dwell, don’t think, don’t hesitate
Find the positive from any past mistake
Better to have loved and lost, to have memories of what was
And be grateful from all the things that I’ve got
Embrace the good times, forget the bad
A new journey’s in store and take what’s to be had
My outlook is clear and I’m free from being confined
A weight has now lifted from a previous darkened mind
Be true to those that are true to me
Take heed from what is plain to see, Some people belong to stay in my past
Be with those that bring happiness that’ll last.
Don’t be soft, speak up allow true feelings known
Stand by what I believe and how I have grown
don’t allow kindness be taken for granted anymore
Learn from mistakes I have made before
I will not assume situations Nor give into temptations
Strive to be the best I can be
Find the inner strength deep within me.

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I like writing poetry poems that rhyme Its an enjoyable way I spend my time I like doing DIY, art and craft Drinks with friends and having a laugh I love camping festivals holidays abroad Music gigs of those I adore I enjoy walking my dog everyday Don’t listen to what people say Hate being told how to behave and what to do Can empathise with what others go through Rebel against keeping fit and hate sport A true life learner all self taught I am spiritual not religious anymore Religion causes such an up roar Have belief in the afterlife and aliens too I like learning things of interest to do im considerably happy more often than not Always remember what ive previously forgot Take pride in my work strive to be the best I can be What you see is what you get just me being me.
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