Recovering From A Mental Break

No more bad thoughts its gotta stop
Be positive and grateful for all I’ve got
No more mental breakdowns keep it together
I can’t be mentally unstable for ever
It’s the start of a new beginning today
I must block out the negative forces at play
I am a good person being psychotic is hard
I won’t listen to voices when they start
A cognitive battle to commence to where my mind’s gone
To get away from the dark frame of mind I must refrain from
Not to believe the voices with words so unkind
Keep a healthy balanced state of mind
Thoughts manifesting madness will now be deterred
As out of control thinking makes conclusions absurd
I don’t cause trouble or speak out of turn
Past bouts of madness not reality, I must learn
Instead of suffering use it as a learning curve
Enjoy what comes from better times I deserve
Prove to myself how strong I can be
Forget guessing how others perceive me
Demand what I want : tend to my every need
Positively will bring positive ways to succeed
I have the ability to forget how bad I have felt
I will receive more benefit from fate I am dealt
I must not feel I have to help anyone anymore
I come first others’ problems aren’t mine to endure.

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Ceri Baylis

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I like writing poetry poems that rhyme Its an enjoyable way I spend my time I like doing DIY, art and craft Drinks with friends and having a laugh I love camping festivals holidays abroad Music gigs of those I adore I enjoy walking my dog everyday Don’t listen to what people say Hate being told how to behave and what to do Can empathise with what others go through Rebel against keeping fit and hate sport A true life learner all self taught I am spiritual not religious anymore Religion causes such an up roar Have belief in the afterlife and aliens too I like learning things of interest to do im considerably happy more often than not Always remember what ive previously forgot Take pride in my work strive to be the best I can be What you see is what you get just me being me.
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