Tale Of Two Waters

Tale Of Two Waters short poem

Photo by [cipher]

A man’s choice for imperfect specialty
Devoid a woman’s continued quest for security
Likewise the two waters in diversity.
He believes compromise leads to serenity
To the long-haired nothing but a fallacy
Then why do the waters co-exist in harmony?
The beard speaks innocence and knees seek divinity
For such crime no asylum from sanctuary
Even the different waters live without enmity.
Dreams we share for a lifetime journey
Just a cloud over crime in severity
Together ships sail atop water density.
Hang me not understand my humanity
Overtime dwelled and lost that sanctity
Seen the perfect waters despite complexity?
A vow to lay and build in continuity
Not even close to secure my identity
Remember the two waters strive to eternity.
Now a rope around to define my destiny
Eye rivers to endlessly flow upon your cemetery
Then take heed from the tale of waters entity.
The confluence depicts love, peace and equality
For mankind to imbibe in its entirety
Through these waters defines Sovereignty.

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