Imaginary Woman

Imaginary Woman elegy

Uploaded by Jamal

July 14th, 2015

I loved her an age before I discovered,
That she was an imaginary woman,
Dancing in the background of my reality,
Smiling in my dreams whenever I dreamt,
Soothing my grief whenever I wept
Stripping the passion from my fears,
Tutoring me to endure crippled years,
But I failed frequently to be tutored.
Unable to understand, tortured and suffered,
I became an old man with prisoned tears,
Drawing her lovely face on decrepit trees,
Waiting with loose fancies around a dream,
Clung with love to images; those gleam,
Breathing in my deep silence, a living beam,
That keeps me warm in my dead reality,
Now, I live with my faithful heart and ability,
To collect her stories, images, smiles
Silent words or those sounds like words,
And my courage to tolerate imagining her,
With bare feet, with a face with no lips,
her blurred body enjoying beauty to the tips,
As the paradise, in heaven, saved to me,
Or above or seven heavens underneath,
Here on earth in the past times and time leath,
I remain faithful, being a man, to our secrecy
I resume, I tell now, loving who doesn’t exist,
I admit and cannot deny; it is hard to resist
Feeding my descending with lovely plans of fancy.

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A teacher of English as a second language who wanted to say something.
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