Who Are They?

Waiting at the station for the train, My little brother asked “WHO ARE THEY?”
Oddly dressed, Men on saree’s, Masculine voice, clapping all their way? He looked perplexed.. A spark of astonishment on his face.. Observing them for a while, he again buzzed “WHO ARE THEY?”
Were they beggars? Were they men? Were they women? Then who were they?
I had no answer… Cause for the people they were “Homophiles”
With a smile on my face, I refuted “Humans”! “Humans” who are lucky for the newly wed and the new born, “Humans” who ask for money, as it is their only asset, “Humans” who Amuse and bring smile on faces,
So why are they considered Dummy’s? So Why are they considered a SIN to their families?

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Dr.Indu Nautiyal

Are they a miracle or a mistake on the part of the maker?, Whatever be the case , none of us has the right to look down upon them or to make fun of them ,If not more ,we can at least treat them as our equals ,as proper human beings .
An honest reflection on the extra ordinary struggle for existence of these differently abled people .


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