A Divine Chime Of Prime Sublime Times

A Divine Chime Of Prime Sublime Times long poem

Photo by Keoni Cabral

A look past the glass
I can see my past
Now freed from the disbelieve
One can start to relive

Though what can I gain?
Still I am in pain
Maybe with just a wish
I’d change my accomplished dish

Staring at the rain
If I only complain
Since a nice smile
Timing will take while

All this I know
Talking about feeling though
These are a no-show
Long way to go

Time continues the clock ticks
Changing a lane taking pics
Quick goals selfie at mane
Course choosing dreads is insane

Its already May I say
Making a giant sound Hey-Hey
Searching the found doing chores
Not loosing thought amid discourse
Vocals leading still forever horse

Back to the grind
Need to just unwind
How will one define?
Categorizing a line of mine
This I don’t mind

Still appreciating the skating
What’s all this hating?
Maybe there’s no speech
Pouting to a screech
I don’t wanna teach

Powdering beside a squeaky breach
What can I even reach?
Though empowering I could’ve died
This stories fake I lied
I wonder where’s the guide

Maybe I’ll smoke a bowl
No I feel a whole
I decide the room’s clean
To smoke doesn’t seem mean
Hide bowl what’s the dream

Aimlessly finding the remote
Picking shows I’d promote
Surfing through the channels
I dispose the camels
Lord help me handle

Concerning my future ambitions
Discovering my one mission
Give a helping hand
The television cannot stand
Does this sound bland

This mission I will strive
Now here goes a drive
Being outside I’m truly glad
Surfing the streets distant pad
Mentioning nothing may I ad

Glimpsing inside towards the light
Looking back at my first-bite
It’d hardly even been shown
This time without a frown
Certainly I had really grown

Rehab was absolutely neat
Energized everyone enthusiastically meets
Unified inspiration breezily seems
Calming reams emancipating steam
My life my dream

Before hearing hey quit
Oftentimes responding what’s it
Portraying gifts may engage
Unpleasantly dropping any rage
Singing my upbringing aged

Did you want another page?
Okay well define this cage
Though how we both know
What I’m going to show
This is clearly ahead oh

I have nobody to blame
I regret all this pain
The nimble yoyo’s abruptly labeled
Objectified only through users guide
Accessing talks quantifying deliberation stabilized

As with universal rowing
The statistics have shown
Wide intention makes opportunity
Though we are free
Bored I must be

Yeah rehab was fantastic
My problems past it
Sense of purpose wow
There’s believability the ow
Building a drive now

In my schedule it’ll fit
Definitely here a new habit
Now in time no wife
Let us continue through life
Aspire to desire an empire

Maybe my thoughts are lame
Is it all a game?
Oh lord without my mentor
I’m crying against the floor
Endangering strangers from fame sure

The media’s a mess
No way saying yes
Some are in fortunes
Loving the cultural tunes
Predicting only good news

Previously oblivious of happenings
Chin down living-room nappings
No foresight only charts
Properly puzzle piecing parts
Where to even start

Yes a relapse oh no
This cocaine has gotta go
Slowly pouring across the toilet
This bag here my pet
No worries okay I’m upset

Though alluring benevolence maintains wishes
Now I must do dishes
Kitchen cleaning eerily I ponder
Where’s my maid I wonder
Dissipation preceding evoked unrealistic fonder

Reentering another perspective unraveling
Feeling clustered thus traveling
Pots and pans fine
Timing needed a rewind
Badly found good find

World is constantly moving
I just wasn’t grooving
To improve I should
Surely unwarily I could
Yeah maybe I would

Thoughts’ depth evolving while spreading
From where are they feeding?
Road trip to my clinic
Exclaiming I’m recovered changing topic
Mass confusions I was with

No desire to be miserable
Able to use my potential
Audaciously picking up a ring
Here’s capping lacking expanding everything
Alluding decisions in the within

Opening gateways to heaven
And all this when
These doors previously closen
This pathway is chosen
Redirecting causation with sensation

Been a good friend
Yes you’re my demon
Composing a frozen platform
Flying into this deformed
Time for some reform

Theoretically analyzing man’s abstractions praisefully
Drug addiction I wasn’t raised
Dreams to fulfill I will
Good planning means no bills
Still foresight of future’s chill

Step by step legendary style
Ironically applying muscle-memory towards goals
Respectively and redundantly blabbering awaiting
Lacking verbosity skills repetitely faking
Dizzy awake giving and taking

Making awakening awareness surreal
Tracking the run really
Cyclically bewildered immensely illsome
Soaked beyond unstackable horizons
Apparently I’ve already won

Despite facing manic maniacs
Breaking isolation’s constipation compacts
Appealing attitudes implicitly controversialize
Self-enquiring around indecisiveness wisely
No win but despise

In the mirror I reflect
Though these emotions I deflect
Wanting solvents for the solution
Accentuatingly planning this aspiring motion
Money maybe my cure’s unknown

Disgraceful no thoughts overlappingly racing
Mindful hereto overwhelmed directly facing
Conflict’s confronting what’s gonna arise
Problem’s I no other guys
Seriously where’s my bulging eyes?

My face a disgrace
Do privileges all fade
Shading outlines this mirror
Fearily filling cowardness horrified
Denigrate beliefs attracting mischievous

Encompassing scalar re-dimensionalized craziness
Weighing thoughts on laziness
Why and where’s this
Projecting atypical growths’ his
Responsibilities in a gist

Including yes thought you knew
Declaring he’s schizo it’s tool
No pain for the insane
Who you gonna blame mane
Possibly caring staring sparing change

What is this a chain
Quickly uncovering this restrictiveness pain
Unleashing disabilities looming into dooming
Chatting approximating glaring, red herring?
Happily confounded rebounded found it

Though where’s the divine?
Drawing this a full-line
Lost within cannot begin
Hearing breaded gripping chin
Awful jaw speechlessly been

Unbreakable indefinable you’re immortal
Carefully curing blurting boring
Magically imaginatively touring spatial-wirings
Hosing bridges bling shielding
Nonjudgementally detouring injustice bringing

Nonsensical daydreaming visions of awakening
Unimportant events to invest cha-ching
Stabilizing steadiness mopping up floors
Burger making dreams self-esteem poor
Rulings devour who’s judging anymore

Theme of the dream’s clueless
Therapeutic chords I shan’t discuss
Striking harmoniously with a zing
Luxuriously listening lucidly I’m king
Luminousness tidily lured instrospectable mingling

Sentimentally charged self-assuredly single
Never mind jingle jingle
Undoubtedly acquiring falsified feels
Elaborating intertwined implorations surrealistically
Exploring forgiven misconfigured seals

Crossroads intoxicating Lucifer’s disanimates
Sinning’s sorrowful winning’s great
Who witnesses me awake?
Flying ice-skates concerning lakes
Hopefulness alone materializes makes

Courageously sleep leaping daytime’s mine
A goldmine was this find
Creativity transpiring I’m an entrepreneur
Constructing fought thoughts about adoring
Staging jiffy blueprints whilst roaring

Deep within there’s a design
Connecting the dots helps redefine
Impostures spotting apparent twinkly locations
Shall I further tutor navigation?
Abstractedly contextualizing the subtexts’ dissipation

Recovered awake from snoring’s
Stakes dancingly accelerated things
Perhaps therego simplistic phases
Isotropically magnetized in taste
Everywhere covered my face

Unveiling deals expectations managed
Remeasuring realities’ deliberant damage
Arrayed kitchenware unmasking complexions
Systematical concord duplexing perplexions
Conquering agenda and rejections

Dispersing schedules coworkers swiftly uplifting
Traumas’ externalizing squeakily alignment shifting
Projecting contours entailing allusive remark
Transfixing transposition allegorically Noah’s Ark
Lacking leisure lesion’s leading lark

Work preceded achieving teaching lessons
Instructional career-path gleaming rewarding funs
Mesmerizingly grounding utopian twists underneath
Logistically discovered fundraising surplus here
Ecological epicenter freshly melting fear

Roaming through the meetings
Meditatively alert ongoing seeking’s
Stacked table’s relapse fables
Paper security embracing capableness
Picking success still unlabeled

Artificial abilities have agilities
Emotions and thought please
Reciprocally programmed commoditized awareness
Algorithmic tool empty stare
Weariness no what’s hair

Being revoked may provoke a bloke
Aggregating mixed feelings no joke
Acceptance can sensationalize positive expression
Exercise impressing makes good impressions
Cloning mimes identifies identical decompression

Carefreely yet carefully carrying flare
Discombobulated amid petrification I’m flaring
Uncharacteristically fired noncompliance indiscreetly gave
Ascribing rearrangements watchfully backhanded waivers
Fieldtrip fastly fashionably establishing saviors

Idealistic ideations detoxifying imitation
Openly arisen states fate
Regarding realities phony endurance
Everlasting dances scenic chance
Emerald irrigations desensitizing glances

Routed boss swam crosswise
Phonetically stricken disparagement eyes
Inattentively waving this man
Tactfully left claw hand
No income I’m dammed

Eternal charming’s altruistically rejuvenating unstoppability
Jubilant brilliance adheres framing uncooperability
Massive sun photogenically omitting words
Consciousness stories gravitating multidirectional accord
Irreconcilable imbeciles shifting elevation refloored

Rectifying misconstructions optimizing believable inspection
Preceding interpretation thiefs won incorporation
Unglamourously reconstitutionalizing stanza bewilderedly hammered
Mentally stampeded clambering define pamper
Driver fixation peels refinement stamped

Spreading falsified factoids unambiguously
Weatherman channel family tree
Captured the disgusted disguise
On screen wandering eyes
Mystically wisdoms arisen inside

Infinite layers outlook’s profound
Actively materializing warping sound
Vividly enjoying every moment
Everlasting metacognition’s never over
The doors are open

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