The Lost Song Of The Heart

Today I wish to sing a song
The song of song of my life
Of a merrier heart
And a beautiful time
When love was
The only cause,
And being together
The only dream
In a winter season
That never quit
Where we sat beneath
A wishing tree,
And counted stars
All through the nights
And painted moon
With our fingertips,
Where time passed in sweet longings
Of the heart,
Where words had no special meaning
And we could laugh at everything,
When time moved so slowly
And we were never so lonely
And the only world we knew
Was each other’s eyes

Today I wish to sing that song
The lost song of the heart
When dreams could fly
And thoughts were things,
When the days were bright
The nights were dark
When the sky was blue
And the earth looked green
When blueberries were on the trees
And forest covered with maple leaves,
Where wind would still flow steadily
And the rains would wet us heavily
When we collected shells from the seas
And chased butterflies up to the hills,
The dream we had in our hearts
Of being together for all those hours
Where we walked hand in hand
For a moment in eternity
When words were not needed
To say a thing,
All life in a moment lived
Seem like a beginning
When the world looked
So meaningful and so kind

Today I wish to sing that song
The lost song of the heart
Which we sang in unison
Which I still carry within me
And cherish it with my soul
And my heart,
Of you and I
Of days gone by
Of a world in which
We were lost,
Those looks of eyes
Of hopeful days
Of a future known
Still yet to come
Those ear rings
That windy breeze
A little smile
On those red lips
When being one
Was all the fun
Our hand in hand
A breath and a beat
Where I was you
And you were me…

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