Lust ode

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Those Soft tones
trembling in dark,
a feather soft
bruise on
my supple skin,
your luscious lips
searching salt
amidst sweat,
in your arms:
a calmer me,
tamed lust,
wet dreams,
I yearn
for your touch
and more,
an oasis in
the desert,
I remain
hungry for you,
Come love,
lets continue
our quest
to find us
in each other,
raising toasts
to our hidden
away from the
maddening crowd;
our wilder fantasies…

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I am an Engineer by profession drawn towards poems and short story writing. Pls feel free to share your valuable feedbacks. Thanks!
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Dr. K.S. Bhardwaj

How can those who stay behind curtains
our quest
to find us
in each other,” because it needs explorations.


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