The Butterfly

The Butterfly short poem

Photo by RebeccaJBennett

I am beautiful like a butterfly.
Such lovely wings I have,
I love the sky.
I am so lovely, aren’t I?

Wherever I go, heads twirl
and gazes follow me.
No one can ignore me
I am a beautiful girl.

I never knew my grace and charm
will come to haunt me and bring me harm
I never wanted your unsolicited attention.
I never cared for your unwanted affection.

But, you were so full of yourself.
You had a big ego and very little sense.
You took my no for a yes
and continued to follow me for days.

I was scared but, had to put a stop.
Your unsolicited advances, I had to halt.
You couldn’t take rejection.
Could you? You brute.

You bought that fiery liquid
that scalded my soul.
I couldn’t believe it
that you could be so cruel.

You poured it over me
and disfigured my life.
The pain was unbearable.
I was burning inside.

You burnt my body
seared my soul.
But, I learnt to survive.
I Iearnt to bear the pain

I am no more a butterfly.
Oh! How can I be?
I have scars of your hatred
all over me!

I am a butterfly no more.
You saw to that.
But,I can not let you win.
I must grow new wings.

Yes, I am a butterfly no more.
I am an eagle now.
With big strong wings
into the big blue sky I soar.

leaving below me, your pettiness and hate.
I am a survivor , a hero,
an example, a fighter.
I am the mistress of my fate.

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Ms Anonymous
Ms Anonymous

You’re too good! I had to write a poem for my book and didn’t had any inspiration. This poem itself is a big inspiration! Loved it! Looking forward to more of your poems Ms Snigdha.



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