Stay Even When I’m Broken Or Go For Good

Stay Even When Im Broken Or Go For Good long poem

Photo by Nadja Tatar

So what does it take?
Me succeeding for you to care
Is success a reason to stay
Or is the lack of it an excuse to abandon me
I thought we were family
Yes by blood but it’s more than that
After he left
You and the others were all I had
But it seems
That the only time you care to notice me
Is when I’m progressing in life
For when I stumble or
Lord forbid
Fall apart and lose myself
You become a ghost
Never to be heard of or seen
Or you become a clone of the man
Who I was forced to live with for years
One who made my friends question my safety at home
You turn into him
Telling me that I shouldn’t behave that way
Or that I need to straighten up
You’re my little brother for Christ’s sake
Not my father!
So either be in my life all the time
When I’m successful
Or when I’m broken into a thousand pieces
Or leave
Like the bastard who created us
Because after all
You are his son

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Allie Comley

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My poems are how I survive. They are my anxiety, depression, and love life with some creative syntax thrown in
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