A Sip of Life

A Sip of Life short poem

Why do we perceive life the way we do?
As if a journey loaded with obstacles,
As if a mystery impossible to construe,
As if souls stranded with brutal girdles!

Failing to realize it’s not as complex as it seems,
Nor is it too arduous or weary;
Instead it’s as fascinating as a sparkling lake of dreams,
Just as simple and lucid as a cup of coffee!

At times it’s hot, at times it’s cold;
Yet, after a while, it comes back to normal.
All that is necessary, is to act bold,
‘Coz ultimately, life’s what we whittle!

Brewing in diverse flavors just like coffee,
Each moment with its own characteristic taste,
Unfolding itself slowly and gradually,
Bygone days gently getting effaced!

Sometimes, however, it may seem bitter,
After all, it never promised to always taste toothsome!
But only if you give it a gentle stir,
You’ll find sugar crystals lying at the bottom!

So no matter how unpredictable, savor life sip-by-sip,
Enjoy each moment as your last.
Go out there, sing, dance, live, love, gossip,
‘Coz life’s too precious to regret about the past!

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