Tears For The Lost Memory

Tears  For The Lost Memory prose poem

Uploaded by Akadri Kareem

It was like yesterday
when the rain was failing
and it never seems to stop
when the sun was shining
but it never seems to set.
But today I was lift with the memory
I thought things will continue
to look pretty like queen Elizabeth
when I walk down to his door step
I knock and knock but no one to open the door
at last when it was opened
I had no one to welcome me
it seems so strange and uncomfortable
the chairs frown at me with a dusting face
cobweb surround the room like an Egyptian curtain
all furniture’s in the room put on a powder face
looking toward my right hand
I saw his white chair where he used to relax.
The memory was like yesterday
the passion and feelings is like a running ocean
tears rain out of my dragon eye
and roll towards my lemon lips
I don’t know if is tasteless or salty
I had no one to console me
for the room is lonely and depressed
my eyes ran out of water
and get dry on way to my tasteless tongue.
The memory is like yesterday
when he teaches me how to live
like a lamb with no horn
he said “let your word be the truth
and always stand for the truth”
he said “stand tall when the storm of life
blows, for you own your destiny”
till today his words live with me
I always feel his heartbeat and his philosophy
even though I came to know him in his
old age but his words and lecture
never seems to be old but new and immortal
for all this I thought it will always
continue like that with no end
I thought he will live forever
but he left with no notification
he slept without waking up again.
I have been counting the moon and the stars in the sky
hoping for him to come back
but he has decide to sleep
in the right hand of the creator.
His memory sings in my brain
his words beat in my heart
I know you are still living
in the memory we shared together
I know his eye is like the moon
in the sky that watches over me
your memory will live forever in my brain
your word will live forever in my thought.
Dad you are our unforgotten hero
who has laid the path of greatness
with your philosophy before you went
for a journey of no return
rest in peace and live forever.

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Akadri Kareem

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A young and energetic poet who is fortunately from Nigeria, currently in United Arab Emirate. Currently working and studying political science. I have vowed to speak for the masses and inspire the the young people who are the future of our land, you and me. Let cut it short because the world is complicated
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I could just share your tears and the emotional pain that you had when u were writing this touching soul poem…keep it up with your good work

Dr.Indu Nautiyal

If you care to remember his words ‘ always
stand for the truth ‘ stand tall when the storm of life blows ‘ you have not lost him ,If you are sincerely trying to live up to his
expectations , you have not lost him . Ideas and philosophies never perish , if only they are carried on .Hence no tears ,and no crying over the past as memories are always alive .


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