Religion As Philosophy

Religion As Philosophy prose poem

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Great Maker beyond human knowledge.

Our time is short.

Our knowledge finite.

Reality infinite.

We struggle to understand.

We create structure to make it so.

We build and grow the best we can.

It’s a struggle every day you know.

We are born one day and there it is.

How to make sense we struggle to do.

We organize come together in groups.

We create systems to see us through

Political, language, business, social and religious to name a few.

Each system designed to meet a need.

Each system gives us structure, something to help us through.

Helps us make sense, gives us control in our finite little place.

Religion as with government is a process of control.

Religion is a philosophy, no more, as the Great Maker’s mind is beyond our control.

There are those who say they understand because the Great Maker told them so.

That’s impossible you see, the Great Maker’s mind for us is impossible to know.

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