The Skeptical Old man Speaks

The Skeptical Old man Speaks ballad

Uploaded by Teitei Stanley

3 am in every good morning,
He wakes to open the Bible.
He sees through some chapters,
He puts it down on the table.
But never forget that it’s vital.

In the midday time,
He checks on the Quran,
For some more truths or some fables.
Was it really true that Cain had to kill Abel?

The more he reads,
The more he doubts.
To know the truth he pleads,
To God for help he shouts.

He turns on the radio,
Not too late in a good evening.
To hear The Grail message as audio,
And add more understanding to his reasoning.

Here the old man stands,
Lean as thin like a stick,
So I pay attention to hear the old man speaks:
Everyone says “mine is the truth…”
Even the Bible is divided,
So what is your proof?

You ask me whether I pray,
‘Cause you see me go astray.
You ask whether I fast,
‘Cause of the amount of loaves I pass.
About God my thoughts are vast,
‘Cause of the historical scripts,
I read in the past.

You ask whether I go to Church.
I attend no religious gathering,
But to find the Lord am in the search.
Why should I tell you I pray & fast?
I never forget what Jesus says,
“It’s between you and your God.”

So I pray to him in secret,
‘Cause he is divine and sacred.
For myself I choose no religion,
But I believe in Jesus,
And so I accept heaven as my region.
I hope in God to cut away my afflictions with scissors.

I feel am a burden to the world,
I’m tired so I rest my back on a wall.
Though I’m a sick man old,
But my brain still thinks fast and bold.

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Teitei Stanley

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I am Teitei Stanley. I was born into the undeveloped bushy-watery part of Nigeria, to speak the most interesting and self-expressive language called Ijaw (Izon).As i grow I learn to earn knowledge and understanding from all reliable source - from the Bible, from my parents, teachers and some of those who decide to correct me when I am wrong.I love music as a teen, and preoccupied so much of my time listening to a great many genre of music.. I have so many vaulted thoughts which I would divulge in poetry. I just follow no rule in my writing, because I believe we are all poets born to speak our mind in whichever way comprehensible. I think the way I write would set a standard for future generation. So, I freestyle the way I write my poems to gain no coin, but to at least gain AP points.
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