Clever Boy

Clever Boy long poem

Photo by Bloody Nick

Yippeeee it’s time to go for a walk,
I was beginning to think my person forgot,
It seems like a week since she last took me out,
I hope she will let me run all about.

Ooooh I might see my girlfriend when,
We pass her gate and maybe then,
We’ll kiss with a little rub on the nose,
We’ve fallen in love but nobody knows.

I love going out but I love coming in,
I’ll race like a maniac to the kitchen,
For this is when my person is good,
She puts me down some delicious food.

I’ve eaten it up and I want her to see,
I bounce off her legs to say “Look at me”
I know she will smile as our eyes meet,
“Good boy, now would you like a treat?”

Would I like a treat?…a ridiculous question,
If you don’t give me one I might get depression,
I might not be able to get out of bed,
I’d have to look for another “person” instead.

She always tell me that I need to sit nice,
Believe me you don’t have to tell me twice,
This “Give me a paw” is really not sweet,
For goodnessake just give me my treat!!

My tummy is full and its cuddles next,
I’m looking at her a little perplexed,
It seems I’m not getting her full attention,
This laptop of hers was a selfish invention.

Yippeee it’s time to go for a walk,
I was beginning to think my person forgot,
As I curl into her at night to sleep,
I decide that maybe my “person” I’ll keep.

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