Let me have a little look on my Facebook today,
Let me just see what the world has to say,
Let me take a minute to check my newsfeed,
Then I wondered why, and I wondered why indeed.

“I’m going out for dinner” you even tell me where,
The thing is you see, that we really do not care.
“I’m leaving Facebook, I’m come to say goodbye”
You said this phrase last week so we know that it’s a lie.

“I hate my ex-boyfriend…Karma comes around”
You’ll soon be back together and that fact is profound,
“I had the best time last night…check my photos out”
We have and there are 300 or there about.

“I’ve just taken a selfie” but it’s always the same pose,
You pout your lips so much that they almost touch your nose.
“I’m feeling so depressed I feel life has no point”
What you’re saying is “ask me why” when we don’t we disappoint.

“Just 3 weeks and then I’m off on my holidays”
These are the words every burglar hopes you’ll say,
“That’s it…time to diet, I feel so very fat”
That’s our cue to tell you that you’re anything but that.

“Who cares?” and you wait in great anticipation,
I’m afraid I won’t enter into this conversation,
“Off to the park” Erm, okay whatever,
Have a nice time, I hope you get the weather.

I love the picture quotes that make me laugh out loud,
The ones of inspiration, the ones that lift a cloud,
I don’t mean to cause offence, I just wanted to say,
No need to tell me what you had for dinner yesterday.

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Dr. K.S. Bhardwaj

“I don’t mean to cause offence, I just wanted to say,
No need to tell me what you had for dinner yesterday.”
Who cares of facebook what you like and what you dislike? Everyone just throws at you what comes to her/his mind…..