Growing Up(side Down)

When Dorothy was a child she started building a castle
with bricks of yellow and blue;
But how could she have known that someday soon
Each one will be broken in two.

The bricks consisted of ideas and thoughts,
colorful dreams, love, bit of fairy dust as well;
And as the construction was growing she made a decision:
“This will be my kingdom, dwell in it I shall.”

She felt happy in her sunny fortress
Dancing in the rain and sleeping on the clouds;
Until a strange figure harshly knocked on her door
Saying she must not live there anymore.

Lifeless grey eyes piercing through her soul
as she was offered a hand skinny and cold;
She heard a whisper which sent shivers down her spine:
“Come, you need to meet some friends of mine.”

At first she refused, always coming back to
Her Kingdom, which was now falling apart;
She tried to rebuild dreams that turned into nightmares
Failure continuing to deepen the hole in her heart.

She fell from clouds on a bed of nails she currently sleeps on
She barely has energy to breathe;
Locked up behind bars of her own mind
Ailing, lost bird unable to fly.

She still lives in her castle though not as happy
Bricks have been deprived of their bright colors
Her eyes have become the clouds from which rain is pouring
But she has forgotten how to dance, and there’s nobody to help her when she’s drowning.

Nowadays three figures never leave her side
They paint the lens through which she sees reality;
These three friends you may recognize since they go by names
Twisted Society, Depression and Anxiety.

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Raghavendran Ramachandra Rao

When twisted society, depression and anxiety take hold of a person, life becomes bleak, and zest for life is lost. It takes a lot of effort to battle against these elements and win to lead a normal life. The poem highlights the experience of one who has suffered much.


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