Crazy Days

Crazy Days short poem

Uploaded by Aloke

Perhaps I am crazy,
I sought the limit of the boundless ocean,
I implored the river to stop for a moment
to listen to the music of my soul– Perhaps, perhaps
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
there is this little street and this little house.
I heard in my schoolboy days smell of orange leaves could
make my dad immortal—he died in a stormy night.
In my days, I laid my forehead on her bosom and swore
our love would fly like holy dove in the sky, tears would fly away.
Sometimes war makes me laugh, I shaped faces of man and woman,
Of mud and mire, I flung them on their mask and chuckled. I wanted
to love. Many secrets scattered round globe, in history, social network
posts are made to hide, mother, illness and pain and pangs of living alone in this crowded earth and unlove.
I will skydive and die laughing one day with the flask of venom. Ask those fools to bail me out from the fall.
bail me out from free fall.

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I am interested in literature, music and philosophy. Actually i am bent on keeping myself updated on all sorts subjects so that I can put my fingers on the pulsating life.I like to talk with like-minded . life is too short and too long. I am now a writer-completed and working on several literary works and a fiction.
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