The Boy

The Boy elegy

Photo by Yashna M

Winding down the winter trail
Through the dark and snowy veil
I came upon a copse of trees
And took shelter there amongst the leaves

The wind howled throughout the night
And gave me such a terrible fright
All alone upon the hill
There I lay very still

Thoughts of beasts danced in my head
As the wind sang a song of the dead
I closed my eyes and tried to sleep
But the sounds of the night made me weep

For I am a boy and not a man
A boy who is lost and without a plan
A boy who wishes he was back home
And not in these woods all alone

My heart was filled with naught but terror
Running away had been such an error
My mother and father must be filled with worry
I wish I had not been in such a hurry

I’ll show them I remember saying
I’ll spend all day outside playing
I won’t return when dusk does come
Oh how could I have been so dumb

Higher and higher into the hills I went
Climbing until my strength was spent
As night began to fall across the lands
I continued on with shaking hands

While I wandered cold and scared
I went as quickly as I dared
I remember the fall from a cliff so high
And the thought that I didn’t know I could fly

I remember falling oh so fast
And the ground coming at me at last
My head struck rock and began to pound
As I came to rest upon the ground

That was over four years ago
And I’m still lost with nowehere to go
The cold doesn’t bother me in my bed
For I am a boy who is already dead

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